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Quik and Slow Comedy Show 3

Quik and Slow Comedy Show

  Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Quik & Slow Comedy Show, the only podcast on the internet…with Nick McQuik and Aaron Maslow. Every week we come to you with a different comedian...

Sam Watterworth 8

Sam Watterworth

Samuel was born a much smaller man then he is today. Since his youth he has had several disfiguring events such as puberty and being attacked by chairlifts. This has left him unrecognizable to...

Hilton Patton 0

Hilton Patton

Hilton is a cyborg android hybrid from the distant future, created in an underground secret lab. He was raised as a barely-sane, human child by his creator known only as Doctor Smart. When he...


Jamee Nall

Jamee is a track baby, born on both sides of the track and raised with a staunch heterogeneity that leads her in all of her second guesses to this day. She is manufactured with...